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17 July 2013

Emulation: VII.2 Il Palio in Movimento

Il Giorno di San Paolino

Despite a series of vicissitudes with the fortunes of my palio that are perhaps best left to some future memoirs, the day of the feast of San Paolino (12 July) and the palio events of the evening were, for me at least, a mini-miracle. The balestrieri (crossbowmen), the sbandieratori (flag throwers), the tamburini (drummers), the dancers in costume, provided a context for the carrying of the painted palio that evocatively connected what I do with the tradition from which it comes. It is rare that art has that sort of overtly public, and portable, role, and that classical work is framed by sympathetic sounds and ceremonies. It is certainly the first time a painting of mine was accompanied by costumed guards with pikes. Of course, for the balestrieri the painted palio was their context, and for them the evening was instead all about arrows and a target. The winner was Massimo Baldocchi, of the terziero S. Martino.

the palio among its competitors

re-enacting the Miracle of S. Paolino

entering S. Paolino for the mass
the palio in procession on Via Fillungo
the palio entering the
Piazza S. Martino

Master of Ceremonies

the palio awaiting the crossbow competition

the crossbow winners and the palio

Following are some local news stories on the palio:

02 July 2013

Emulation: VII.1 The Palio in Action

Lucca’s Feast of San Paolino

Some of the events leading up to the crossbow competition on the feast of San Paolino in Lucca, for which I painted the Palio (banner):

Saturday, 6 July 10:30am, via del Moro, Loggiato Palazzo Santini, exhibition of the bozzetti (models) submitted for the competition to paint the Palio

Thursday, 11 July 21:15, Piazza S. Martino, drawing for the shooting order of the crossbow competitors
21:30 S. Michele, vigil prayer service
22:00 from Piazza S. Michele to Basilica of S. Paolino, torch lit procession of S. Paolino, religious communities and historic groups
22:30 Basilica of S. Paolino, blessing of the city, prayers of the crossbowmen and solemn motet for S. Paolino (Polifonica Lucchese)

Friday, 12 July 11am mass at S. Paolino
12:00 artillery firing at the S. Donato bastion and gate, recalling the miracle of S. Paolino
17:00 Sagrato, basilica of S. Paolino, award ceremony for shop window displays
18:30 Basilica di S. Paolino, solemn pontifical mass, presiding Msgr. Italo Castellani, Archbishop of Lucca
the mayor of Lucca offers a votive candle in the name of the city and
the mayor of Bagni di Lucca offers oil for the lamp in S. Paolino in the name of the municipalities of the archdiocese
21:00 Piazza S. Martino, 39th Crossbow Palio in honor of S. Paolino, competitors from the three Terzieri (districts) of Lucca

Saturday, 13 July 18:00 Piazza S. Martino, 1st tourney of San Paolino, antique archery competition
21:00 Piazza S. Martino, flag throwing show