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09 March 2017

Less of a Challenge: UPDATE

The Challenge of Emulation Coming Way Down in Price

Publishing with an academic-oriented publisher like Ashgate (now Routledge) has its advantages, primarily that one can make a properly academic argument without being challenged as to whether it is “accessible” enough. The downside, though, is that the relative disinterest in accessibility means that the market for the books is rather small, and so the publisher’s business model is to market the book in relatively small quantities at a high price to university libraries and others who can afford to pay. Not being a publisher myself, I wonder whether the high price is the chicken or the egg with regard to low sales. It is what it is, as they say. Now, though, it appears on the Routledge website that The Challenge of Emulation will be out in paperback before long, and is available for pre-order, which means, I hope, that the artists and architects for whom it was largely written can now afford to buy it.

Lege Feliciter, as Alberti said to his readers.